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Mr. Bin | 19X 21 OxoBiodegrdable Garbage Bag | 150 Pcs Green

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MR. BIN GARBAGE BAG guarantee that YOU GET sure 150   Pcs and do not get cheated. MEDIUM SIZE GARBAGE BAG 100% OXO BIODEGRADABLE:- Mr. Bin garbage bag are of PREMIUM quality and fits your dustbins with ease.

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1) Size of the garbage bag (48×53) cm which makes sure that you can carry the bags to the dump yard holding it with ease.
2) MULTIPLE OCCASION USAGE FOR THE MEDIUM SIZE BIODEGRADABLE GARBAGE BAG: These dustbin bags can be used in your kitchen ,office, warehouses ,in pantry and can be disposed without any problem due to its biodegradable nature.
3).APPROPRIATELY THICK AND STRONG:The Mr. Bin garbage bag 19X21 biodegradable has perfect strength to hold weight upto 8 kgs with wear and tear even if these bags are used for carrying wet waste.
4) MADE IN INDIA: These Medium sized garbage bags are manufactured in INDIA which ensures the quality and accountability of the product.
5).PERFECT THICKNESS WITH 20L CAPACITY: Garbage bag biodegradable medium is perfectly thick that ensures zero leakage and also results in having higher tensile strength and carries much heavier loads. Fits in Medium sized dustbins upto 20L.
6). it is 100% Environmental friendly as it is made of OXO ADDITIVE which make it degradable with in 12 month and doesn’t make any hazard to our mother Earth

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 Ă— 145 Ă— 321 cm

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